Sunday, May 20, 2007

The weekend WHY

So when two people have a fondness for one another, when is it "robbing the cradle?"

I'm sure all of you who read this (probably not even one person) have thought that same question. Partly because you've probably had a crush on a guy or girl 5 or 10 years older than you, or in that rare case, you are that 10-year senior to your crush. If that is the case, and you're 10 years older, please check out or your local LDS SIngles ward and choose a more appropriate age. Unless the youngest of a couple has crossed the threshold for 30, that kind of thing shouldn't be going on.

Imagine saying to your beloved during a road trip: "This song was my senior class' song. Right when it came out, I graduated," he says. "Really? I was 8 when it came out."


The above line is the one you shouldn't cross.


So tennis was the lead sports story for the Wall Street Journal weekend edition. A waste of space, if you ask me. And not because I don't like tennis. But who is going to want to go out and play tennis after they've just spent the entire day reading the Wall Street Journal? And not out of leisure, but because it takes that long to get through the thing! It's the only mainstream newspaper I can think of that has it's own jargon--it's called rich.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cookies, donuts, championship soccer

Greetings, friends.

Things have been excititing over here in Stillwater the last little while. I still haven't found a job (after applying nearly everywhere in town), so I've been power washing my parents' fence and other yard work to make some money. Most of the time I've been eating Krispy Kreme donuts and studing for the LSAT.

The LSAT is hard. Really hard. I've done a few practice exams so far, and they're getting better, but at times it's as though I'm trying to deadlift any significant amount of weight. Any of you who know me that any significant amount of weight is about 4 times more than I weigh.

Luckily, the class I'm taking is getting me prepared.

Last night my indoor soccer team played in the championship game. Did we win? To be honest, I would say that we got beat like a red-headed step child.

Speaking of red-headed step children, where did that phrase come from? How many red heads are step children and how many of them are really beaten? Maybe as a society we're just accepting the role of punching bag. I mean, remember Cheaper by the Dozen? The red head they called FedEx was also one who was physically and mentally abused to the point that he had intimate walks and talks with a frog named Beans.


Anyway, the team that beat us indeed clobbered us, with a final score of 13-6. Now mind you, in our league, goals scored by girls count for two. Their girls scored six goals, accounding for 12 points. They were, let's say, sturdy, girls. Believe me, I ran into them at times.

But, to our avail, my fiancee, Kelsi, scored twice to keep things moderately respectable.

I need to take a breathe.

So I need to study more, and I'm going to try to update this blog more than once every 9 months. Or one per kid.