Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm sorry in advance

I know I haven't posted in what may seem like weeks, and it seems like that because it's true, but I have some good news.

Before I get to the good news, I need to apologize for this video. It's kind of representational of my life growing up in the suburbs, and I guess I just sorta connected with the mullet. Enjoy.

End of post. Good news to come.


Brandon said...

This is a great way to illustrate the difference between 1984 and today.

1984: The video creator is being dead serious, and everyone knows it.

Today: No one has any idea if the white kid rapping about Fruit Loops is just messing with us or not.

John Gagnon said...

OK, so I watched the video again, and noticed that the calendar he flipped was from 1991.

OK, so it's 1991. But to Brandon's point, I don't think his hair has caught up to him yet.

Feel the mullet. Be the mullet.

Katie Phelps said...

Oh my! Sadly, I've seen that before, but it was on "i love the 90s" on VH1. So entertaining. And here he is today:

Mark said...

Kid's got talent.

Allison Harris said...

What's the good news?